Power class: 5 MW

Diameter of blades: 130 m and 139 m

Height of towers: 100 m

Technical features: highly reliable transmission chain layout: the double bearing support structure optimizes the transmission chain layout and improves transmission chain carrying capacity. The hydraulic self-balancing gearbox is elastically supported, effectively isolating the shock from the wind wheel and improving the vibration damping performance.

Perfect O&M platforms: elevators, helicopter platform, as well as nacelle and hub O&M crane are configured, improving the O&M efficiency and safety.

Grid friendliness: the configuration scheme of squirrel-cage generator and full-power frequency converter has the advantages of high reliability and low cost, and also enhances the high voltage and low voltage ride-through performance.

A design suiting marine environment: the fully enclosed nacelle, internally circulating heat exchange system, and a built-in salt fog removal equipment make the wind turbine fully suitable for marine environment.