Power class: 3.0-3.6 MW

Diameter of blades: 140 m, 147 m, and 155 m

Height of towers: 95 m, 100 m, 120 m, 140 m, and 160 m

Technical features: 3.XMW series wind turbines are constructed of mature and reliable upwind direction, horizontal axis, three-point support structure and adopt the variable-speed constant-frequency double-fed power generation technology. They are an affordable product developed in view of the characteristics of wind resources and environment in inland areas exposed to a medium or high wind speed. They are aimed to improve the price competitiveness and realize levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and is the optimal solution for integration to the grid at a fair price.


High reliability: the internationally popular and mature gearbox design contributes to a high power generation efficiency. In addition, the load optimization and control scheme with independent intellectual property rights is adopted, which effectively reduces the load, prolongs the service life and improves the reliability of wind turbine.

High economy: based on the SiteOpti wind energy platform of Windey, fine design of wind farm is made possible with the medium- and micro-scale embedment technology. The self-optimizing and self-adaptive intelligent control technology, intelligent farm-level control technology, wind power prediction technology, wind turbine health pre-warning and intelligent fault diagnosis technology, etc., can improve the economy of wind turbine throughout the entire life cycle.

Digitalization technology: The "digital twin" system evaluates the load of key components on line in real time and calculates the remaining life of the main components. It monitors wind turbines in all directions (360°) in real time, and intelligently detects key components, thereby protecting the wind turbines from any significant faults or components from failure, and reducing maintenance costs and unplanned downtime.